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The beauty of the natural world and the life that occupies our tiny blue dot are rare and wonderful things in our barren universe. With litter, pollution, climate change, poaching, and metropolitan growth threatening our wildlands like never before, it has become clear that meaningful institutional action is a near-impossibility. In a post-industrial economy controlled by a revolving door of corporate and government special interests, how can just one person make a difference?

A Place Among the Stars is more than another dazzling array of nature's beauty. It's a call to action for every individual to make small changes in their daily life that will have a real impact on our global future.


Filmed and created by Wilderness Media Co. with additional footage provided by Motion Array, graphics from Bigfilms, and music from Artlist Group. 

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Take your place among the stars.

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Now it's your turn to take your place among the stars and join your fellow project backers on our Kickstarter. Awarded a, "Project We Love," by Kickstarter staff, you have the opportunity to earn early access, producer credit, or even a week in the mountains with me as your personal adventure guide and photographer. 

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